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A Morning Prayer to Count Your Blessings - Your Daily Prayer - February 25

I invite you to join me in taking a pause in your morning, even if it is after all the kiddos are in school (or you have to hide in your closet), so you can truly honor God for all His goodness and faithfulness. Because the truth of the matter is that when we give thanks to God in the morning, it sets the tone for our day and gives way for us to praise Him throughout it.

A Prayer for Fulfillment When Your Days Feel Dull and Dreary - Your Daily Prayer - February 22

I’m not sure what it looks like out your window right now or if the neutral colors of a cold, dim winter even darken your soul and spirit like they tend to with mine. But, we most certainly all walk through and weather seasons where the life surrounding us feels less than bright, our purpose tank is falling toward empty, or our contentment with the same ole, same ole is next to non-existent.

A Prayer for Hope Secured - Your Daily Prayer - February 21

I don't know exactly what you are going through right now, but I do know that God sees you, and even when it feels like He has checked out, I can assure you He is there with you. And here’s the other good news: even if, like me, faith doesn’t come naturally to you, we can ask God to help us in our unbelief.

A Prayer to Make the Most of Our Time with People - Your Daily Prayer - February 20

Although we can’t go back and regain opportunities to share the gospel with those who have passed away, we can learn from these sorrows and make an effort to share Him with others from here out, like there is no tomorrow to come. Because the truth is, we aren’t given a guarantee that they will be here next year, month, or week or even tomorrow.

A Prayer against Complaining - Your Daily Prayer - February 19

As believers in Christ, we are called to be filled with the Holy Spirit, which means we live out His fruit in our lives. It just so happens that complaining is not on that list. Today, we will take time to pray against complaining in our own lives and press into gratitude by faith in Christ.


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