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God’s Heart to Meet with Gideon - First15 - September 25

The story of God meeting with Gideon ignites a fire of faith within me to be used by God to powerfully impact the earth. Gideon exemplifies the truth that God anoints all he appoints. He will perfectly equip and empower you to accomplish whatever task he has set before you.

Standing Firm - The Crosswalk Devotional - September 21

The Scriptures make it clear that believers in Christ are to be on our guard because the enemy is against God, so He, too, will attack the Father’s children. We are part of a spiritual battle that many days we wake up forgetting is going on. When our lives are consumed with the temporary, we forget the eternal.

Eternal Impact - First15 - September 14

The world is looking for love. Love sets us free from the bonds of worldliness. Love empowers us to live for heaven over the pursuits of the world. And it’s love that will draw the lost into the fold of God.

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