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Notes From The Road - Airplane Snacks

You can always tell who is used to traveling and who is not. The person who is loudly complaining to those around them about the price of food and drink at the airport is, almost certainly, a newbie. There’s two ways to approach having a nosh while getting from point A to point B. The first way is simple. You understand that when you’re traveling you are essentially a “captive audience”. This means, since you’re stuck waiting for your flight and can’t go anywhere else to bargain hunt, they’ve got you right where they want you. So, you suck it up and fork over the ballooned prices they charge for their mediocre wares. The other way is simple. Pack a lunch and watch the others roll their eyes, shake their heads, and loudly exclaim, “Can you believe the prices here? Who do they think they are?” Is it annoying? Yes. Is it one more thing to add to your “Before Travel Checklist”? Sure is. Does it bother some people because they don’t want to appear overly frugal in front of other passengers? Who cares? Get over it. Save some money so you have extra to pay at your chosen destination.



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