Telling the Truth with Stuart, Jill & Pete Briscoe

Telling the Truth with Stuart, Jill & Pete Briscoe

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Telling the Truth exists to make available sound biblical teaching, practically applied, with a view to producing lives that glorify God and draw people to Christ. The whole of our ministry is to encourage, console, strengthen, teach, and train.

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Finding Spiritual Wisdom, Part 2
An educated man is one who has learned how to learn and never stops learning. But it’s important to note that spiritual wisdom differs from earthly wisdom because spiritual wisdom comes from the Spirit of Christ—from heaven.

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The world defines you by what you do, who you spend time with, and how much you earn. Jesus declares you treasured based on what He did, who He is, and how much He loves you. Rest in your true identity and discover purpose for your life with Pete Briscoe’s encouraging 6-message series Identity Defined.


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