Moments of Hope with Pastor David Chadwick

Moments of Hope with Pastor David Chadwick

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Giving People NEW perspective as to why there's reason for hope through Jesus. For Christians who want to reach their world for Jesus, Moments of Hope with Pastor David Chadwick is a multi-channel media ministry that’s influencing change in the secular culture for God. As a recognized voice that’s trusted in community, Moments of Hope is able to speak into lives, giving people new perspective as to why there’s reason for hope in Jesus.
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Hope When Hurt, Part 1 | Headline Hope
Suffering is part of living in a fallen world, but that doesn’t mean you ever get used to the pain. Today on Moments of Hope, Pastor David helps you find healing for your hurt in the loving arms of Jesus Christ.

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God might have blessed all Christians with grace, but sin still affects our lives. It steals our happiness and keeps us from experiencing fullness and meaning that Jesus intended us to enjoy. We want you to live a righteous, fulfilling life that’s aligned with the heartbeat of God—so you don’t have to live another moment in the miserable pitfalls of sin. That’s why we want to send you David Chadwick’s CD series, Heart Beats, as our thanks for your gift below to reach others with the hope of Jesus Christ. This insightful series offers biblical perspectives on subjects such as... Worthlessness & Shame, Disappointment, Loneliness, Parenting, and more! So, give and get your copy of Heart Beats today! And, thank you for your partnership to give the lost and the lonely a reason for hope.


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