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The Top 10 Marriage Articles of 2021

2021 was a year of unique challenges, to say the least. Marriages prayed fiercely through trials, reached breaking points, and learned to come together as a team. Our contributors offered their personal testaments as well as God's Word in response to the hard questions and struggles countless marriages faced. They also helped couples learn how to love their spouse in new and specific ways.

In an ever-changing world, God's truth remains unchanging. Couples have had to rely on Him this past year like never before. In light of the New Year ahead of us, let's take a moment to look back and reflect on the ten most popular marriage articles of 2021.

1. Will I Still Be Married to My Spouse in Heaven? 

By Hope Bolinger 

Stairway to Heaven

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Romolo Tavani

This is a question most couples have wrestled with, and it makes sense why! Of course we want to stay united with our beloved spouse forever, even into eternity. 

But what does the Bible have to say about heaven and our marital status there? Will we even remember our spouse after death? Hope Bolinger answers these questions and several others in her article.

2. Here are 10 Things Selfish People Always Do in Relationships 

By Jolene Underwood 

woman with hand up to camera rejecting

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/seb_ra

As sinful beings in a fallen world, we are all prone to selfishness. This affects every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. Whether its romantic or a friendship, we can easily choose comfort and being right over loving others as God calls us to. Rather than pointing the finger at our spouse, this article helps us reflect on our own actions. We must go to Christ in humility; only in Him can we find healing and freedom.

3. 10 Signs You Married the Wrong Person 

By Meg Bucher 

couple sitting back to back on couch looking upset, how to love someone when theyre angry

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Not all of marriage is a fairytale; perhaps you are years into a marriage where you feel trapped and unloved. Sadly, this is a reality for many in relationships. Meg Bucher discusses signs you may have married the wrong person, such as a lack of spiritual leadership, abuse, and adultery. She urges those in a hurting marriage to seek help from a pastor or professional counselor. 

We believe in a God of restoration and reconciliation. When we face tough decisions in our marriage, we must rely on Him for discernment and comfort.

4. 20 Reasons Marriages Fail (Christian Marriages, Too) 

By Sue Schlesman 

Husband and wifes hands clasped

Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/Serhii Sobolevskyi
Even in a marriage between two believers, it is possible to have an unhappy ending. Scripture shows us the necessary foundations of a healthy marriage. It also shows us the possible traps and downfalls. Rooted in Scripture, this article discusses the possible reasons a marriage could be failing; parenting differences, emotional or spiritual immaturity, and shame are just a few of the reasons listed.

Humility and self-awareness of these struggles is the first step to healing in your marriage. Starting an open conversation with your spouse can feel like opening a can of worms, but it could just be the first step in addressing the heart of the issue that has come between you.

5. Is it a Sin to Masturbate? 

By Dr. David B. Hawkins 

A man covering his face, Turning to God with your triumphs and your failures

Photo credit: ©Francisco Moreno/Unsplash

In today's society, masturbation is widely accepted as normal and even "good." But what does the Bible have to say on the topic? How does God want us to handle sexual temptation and our natural desires that He had created for good? 

Dr. David relies on Scripture in answering this question and offers five practical steps for handling temptation. Sin has caused us to stumble time and time again; the cycle of masturbation and shame can seem impossible to break, but it is possible to overcome with a submission to God and the help of others.

6. 10 Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Special 

By Cindi McMenamin

senior couple eye to eye foreheads together happy smiling

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/fizkes
It is easy to fall into familiarity with your spouse. Perhaps your marriage used to feel spontaneous and passionate, but now it has settled into routine and responsibilities. Keep the flame alive! As a wife, you have the opportunity to love your husband in ways that show him he is truly known, accepted, and treasured. This article lists ten ways you can make your husband feel special, from offering healing words to giving him the gift of grace when he makes mistakes.

7. 10 Things a Husband Needs but Doesn't Know How to Ask For  

By Hollie Gilman

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/Fizkes

We all have things we need or sometimes don't know how to ask for. Especially for husbands, it can be difficult to communicate certain desires or needs. Communication in marriage comes easier for some than for others. Sometimes husbands aren't even aware that they may be needing something that could be healing to their heart and soul, such as their wives' consistent prayers or time with guy friends. This article gives insight into specific things all husbands need but may not know how to ask for.  

8. What Does the Bible Say about Sex before Marriage?  

By Gregg Farah

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/Deagreez
Similar to the topic of masturbation, sex outside of marriage is becoming increasingly accepted today. It can be easy for us as Christians to blur the lines between right and wrong, especially when everyone around us is doing something. We convince ourselves that sex before marriage is "okay" if it is with our fiancé or that it is okay if it is close to the wedding date or because God will just forgive us. No matter what we may tell ourselves, the Bible defines pre-marital sex as a sin, and we must treat it accordingly. 

9. Why Does Marriage Exist if it Doesn't in Heaven? 

By Glory Dy

Bride and groom kneeling before the cross

Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/Shtrunts

You may have asked yourself this question before. If marriage isn't meant to last into eternity, then why do we take part in it on Earth? What is God's design for it, and why do so many people get married when it can lead to heartbreak or even divorce? 

This article explains our relational nature and the purpose of marriage as defined in God's Word. 

10. How to Cope When Your Spouse Is Driving You Crazy 

By Joanna Teigen

couple upset with each other after argument

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Let's be honest. Sometimes our spouses drive us crazy! With the recent increase in number of people working from home, this is even more of a reality as couples are caught together in small spaces. Add the stress of kids running around making noise, and all of the ingredients are there! Has your marriage fallen into resentment and constant annoyance? Have you found that you only notice the flaws rather than the strengths in your partner? Here are five things to do when you find yourself losing patience.

In every season, God is sovereign. He is the one who first showed us how to love! It is our hope that these articles continue to be a place of encouragement for your marriage. As we leave 2021 behind and enter the New Year, we pray that God abundantly blesses your marriage and brings healing to those going through difficulties. 

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Fabio Camandona

Leah Arthur is the Family Editor of She graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in English and minors in Creative Writing and Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication.


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