Crosswalk’s Top 10 Prayer Articles of 2022

As we close out 2022, we may find ourselves reflecting back on all that the year held - and all of the prayers we lifted throughout it. Take this time, as we are on the cusp of a new year, and think about all the prayers that God answered in this past year.

We hope that as you read this article, you are reminded of your own personal prayers that have been lifted throughout the past year, as well as inspired to lift a few more along with other readers. Here are Crosswalk’s top 10 2022 prayer articles:

1. Why Do Catholics Pray to Mary? by Mike Leake

In this article, Mike Leake walks through what prayer is, why Mary is so important to the Catholic church, and what it means to pray to Mary from a Catholic perspective. He writes, “In order for a Protestant to understand why Catholics pray to Mary or the saints, we have to understand that from a Catholic perspective: ‘when a person is baptized they become part of the mystical body of Christ.’ This means when the Bible calls us to pray for one another this includes those who have departed. And when we consider that James 5:16 tells us that “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and greatly effects” why would we not go to the most righteous saint of them all; namely, our Blessed Mother—the sinless virgin—who will love and care for us and pray for us.”

2. A Powerful Prayer for Ukraine by Jason Soroski

As we reflect on all that this past year entailed, let us continue to lift up prayers for those in Ukraine. Utilize this article in our continued effort to lift up Ukraine to the Lord: 

We thank you that in every situation, every dark moment, you are active and working among us. Even when things seem at their bleakest, we trust in your sovereignty and strength. In John 16:33 you said, “in this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We embrace the fact that this world and the troubles we face in it have been overcome, and rest in the knowledge that you have the power to move in any and every situation.
As we watch war unfold in Ukraine, we ask for your grace and peace to rule in the hearts and minds of all involved.

3. 4 Powerful Prayers Against Witchcraft by Heather Riggleman

Witchcraft may seem like something we only see in movies and stories, but it is one element of spiritual warfare that we must be wary of. As the article states, “Interest in the supernatural has been on the rise in the last few decades with more than 730,000 individuals who call themselves Wiccan or witches. One may ask what influences are at work in the art of witchcraft and this evil influence.”

Check out these prayers to guard your heart against spiritual warfare and any evil influences that may try to threaten your faith.

4. 5 Steps to Become a Prayer Warrior by Heather Adams

If you’ve grown up in the church or even attended a church a few times, you’ve most likely heard the term “prayer warrior.” Heather explains in this article that, “The title ‘prayer warrior’ describes a Christian who has a strong affinity for and gifting in this area. Though all believers are called to pray, certain people turn to God more quickly and confidently in response to the ups and the downs of life. And they are willing to ask for others as well as themselves.”

She goes on to explain the characteristics of a prayer warrior, and 5 ways to become one!

5. 8 Prayers to Pray Throughout the Day by Cindi McMenamin

Prayer is not just something to check off our spiritual to-do list in the morning or before meals. Prayer is available to us every moment of our day! In this article, Cindi provides 8 prayers that can be used during various parts of the day (not just morning and night!). This encourages us, as she says, to “stay in constant communication with the sovereign God who invites you to be a conduit through which He can display His power.”

6. 25 Alternative Ways to Say “My Prayers Are with You” by Ashley Hooker

You’ve likely been in a situation where someone has just told you about a hard situation in their lives, and the only response you could think to say was something along the lines of “I’m praying for you” or “my prayers are with you.” While this is certainly not a bad thing to say, Ashley provides a few alternatives things we can say to have a more meaningful and deep response to their hardship.

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7. 9 Prayers for a Safe Delivery and Healthy Baby by Becky Harling

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautiful miracles that exists, but can also be extremely daunting, especially the process of safely delivering a baby. If you know someone who is pregnant, or if you yourself are expecting a baby, Becky Harling provides six prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby, as well as three prayers for the mother to have a safe pregnancy. She prays, “Holy One, I praise You that You have heard my prayer for safe delivery and that You promise to answer me in my hour of need. You are good and everything You do is good, thank You that I can trust You. I lay all my anxiety down before You knowing that You care for both me and my baby. I trust You for joy and peace” (Psalm 10:17, Psalm 119:68, 1 Peter 5:7).

8. 4 Helpful Prayers for Decision-Making and Guidance by Janet Thompson

Whenever we face a big decision, it’s always a good idea to consult others that you trust. And there’s no one we can trust more to guide us in the right direction than God! Next time you need guidance in making a decision, or if you’re experiencing that right now, check out the prayers that Janet provides in this article.

Lord, I’ll admit that there are times when I do feel desperately confused and unsure of what I should do. I lay awake at night tossing and turning as I weigh all my choices against the possible consequences and outcomes of my decision. Yet, still, I can’t decide. Your Word promises that all I need to do is call on you to help me and believe you have my best interest at heart. Oh me of little faith. Father, help me remember to seek your wise counsel and trust in the way you tell me to go. There are many voices in my head of those who think they know what's best for me. Please guide me to those who will provide your biblical perspective and not the world’s persuasion. Like Solomon, my desire is for wisdom to make decisions that are pleasing to you Lord. Even when I don’t completely understand, I trust and believe in you.

9. 5 Prayers to Pray Over Your House by Whitney Hopler

Whether you have just bought a new house or if you’ve lived in the same one for 20+ years, you should always make it a priority to pray over your house and all those that live under your roof. In this article, Whitney Hopler gives us five different ways to pray over a house. Lift up a blessing today for the home that God has provided!

“Dear God, please bless our home. Send your Holy Spirit into every space throughout our house. May this be a holy place that is consecrated to you. Help us to be faithful to you in what we say and do here. We choose relationships with you, just as you choose relationships with us. Amen.”

10. 5 Ways to Use Prayer to Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks by Cindi McMenamin

Negative thoughts that pop up in our minds can sometimes feel virtually impossible to stop. However, prayer is an extremely powerful tool in fighting off negativity in our minds. Cindi McMenamin provides five great ways to stop negative thoughts in their tracks using prayer. She writes, “Whether it’s fear, doubt, a critical spirit, anxiety, or just the dreaded case of the what-ifs, there’s a way to close the gate on all of that negativity entering your mind and dragging you down. Prayer is the ultimate stopper. But not just praying after the fact. Here are five ways to use prayer to stop negative thoughts in their tracks before they begin to consume you or affect your attitude.”

Pray Your Way into 2023

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