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Frozen Embryos Ruled 'Unborn Children' by Alabama Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Alabama ruled this week that the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act applies to frozen embryos. This decision classifies embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) as “unborn children” and thus human lives, including those who were created in laboratories and then frozen.

Are We in Pursuit of the Right Way of Life?

When we are going in the wrong direction, the wisest course of action is to reverse course. This is why Jesus began his public ministry by calling on those who heard him to “repent,” to make a spiritual U-turn from their sins to their Savior (Mark 1:15).

'Couple to Throuple' Reality Show Format Threatens to Normalize Polyamory

Couple to Throuple is airing on Peacock. It tells the story of four couples who are curious about polyamory (“many loves”) and head to a resort where they begin dating a group of singles. This is just one way many in our secular culture are working overtime to promote “consensual non-monogamy” through books, cover stories, and other articles extolling its virtues.

How to Respond with Faith When We're Right to Be Afraid

News broke yesterday that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon that “the United States does not have the ability to counter.” When asked if he could tell Americans not to worry, Mr. Sullivan replied that it was “impossible to answer with a straight ‘yes.’”


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